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About Last Year....,

As most people do when the new year is approaching, is looking back at what happend last year and possibly getting ideas for the new year.

Here below a little List with - Blogposts - Highlights:

* Vacation Early Morning Jogging on Gran Canaria Video
(with somewhat weird self composed (Royalty Free) 'Film Music')
You can see the 'PhotoShow Video' here below:

(BTW if you want some great info and tips about how you can create your own
Video's you definitely want to have a look at: Using Video)

* About How you can Become a TRAVELPRENEUR
with Making Money with Photography and Travel Writing.
Making Money with Photographyand Making Money with Travel Writing

* About Cruise Ships and about How to Cruise for FREE!
How to Cruise TRAVEL for FREE!!!

BTW How about getting into the Mood for Cruise TRAVEL
by getting an inspiring Subscription on a great Magazine
such as the one here below:

To continue...,

* About How to find the Best Hotels

* About Two Highly Recommended Products:

* and loads of other interesting Video's, Blogsposts, FREE Reports and MORE!!!!



Happy Islands, Canary Islands

In the 1st century A.D. Pomponius Mela refered to the Canary Islands as "The Fortunate Islands", 'Where the inhabitants live quietly happier than the people living in any other land'. In a previous Blogpost you can find a 'Live Report' from a Hotel Lobby on one of the Islands.

And if you want to stay home and do some nice trips a little less far from home you might like to buy yourself a great Navigator like the one your can find here below:


Space Tourism

Last month I was on vacation on the Carary Islands as you can also see in the previous post, while sitting in a plane - flying above the clouds seeing the earth below - feeling a sence of freedom as being able to fly like a bird.

During that feeling I wondered how it would be if the plane would be capable to free itself from the Earth Magnetic Field and fly to outher space and to other planets.
And since in Disney World I already experienced some Space Travel already with
the Space Tours Attraction I can Imagine that it one day will be.

Infact just minutes ago I saw on TV that there already IS something like 'Space Tourism' and there seriously is already developing a Space Travel Industry.

However Currently It doesn't come cheap, to give you an idea:

* Visit to Space Station about 20 Million Dollar
* Space Walk about 15 Million Dollar

Totals: 35 Million Dollar

O.K. currently it still has a 'tiny little price tag', Just as the Posts on these Blogspots it is still pretty EXCLUSIVE and I must admit that possibly I cannot claim that everybody that reads my VISION eBook will instantly be able to afford such little Space Trips.


Feel Free to give it a try anyway :)
You never know if you get so much inspiration from reading my little eBook
that you will be able to laugh at a 35 Million Dollar Price Tags!
If so please write a nice comment on my Blogposts and tell me
your story and....,

'Take your camera with you!'

You also might like to have a look at: Make Money with your Camera because you can take pretty EXCLUSIVE Photo's from there.


News from the Canary Islands

O.K. as I mentioned in an other post I tested posting by email.

So today I post from the Spanish Canary Islands, first of all it goes without saying that the weather here is nice and the food also. Had a nice luch at the boulevard at a seafood restaurant with an ocean view, even had a nice yellow cocktail with a lemmon sticking on the glass. While eating Calamaris a La Romana. (Squid)

In the evening we discovered a Mexican Restaurant above the Mc Donalds, it was a great thing to find this restaurant because a lot of the restaurants on the boulevard didn´t have tables with a sea view anymore and this restaurant was a little harder to find, and was not that crowded. There where only a few tables with a sea view and it was a little dark but with a little oillamp standing on the table it was possible to read the menue. A nice cosy place with also a little music from an other place.

BTW talking about Music, there on the Canary Islands - I think it was on Holliday Radio - I also had an unusual Music Experience that you can read about at: HP's Happy MUSIC

Anyhow a nice evening out here at the Canary Islands, and after our cappucino we both also got a little ´Shooter-drink´.


Testing 123

This is just a post to check my posting by email
Just checking if it works.
If it's right it must be possible now to do
my posts by email, so that I can easily
post from my travel location.
So let's see if it works.


How to get the Most from your Cool Drink.

To get into a Vacation mood, don't just do your Cool Drink in an ordinary glass, pick a special glas that 'Sounds Good'.

Why on earth in a special good sounding glass you might ask...?
Well, when you put your Cool Dink in for example a 'Good Sounding' longdink glass you will be able to hear the ice cubes bounce at the glass making the typical Clinging Sound adding just an extra dimension to the

'I am having a nice Cool Drink
in the Sun Experience'

Hearing those nice
'Kling-Kloing-Kling'- Sounds

Not to be mistaken with the 'Ka-Tsjing'-Sound
from a Cash-Register that's symbolic for the experience you might get from visiting HP's Happy Home Business where you can find a lot of info about FUN way's you can make Money or about how to set up Multiple streams of Income.

For other Inspiring Sounds - to be more specific - MUSIC you can have a look at: HP's Happy MUSIC Or else if you like to read a 'Cool' Work & Play at the Beach Story you can might like to have a look at: Work & Play at the Beach

And talking about 'The Beach' when you want to work on your
'Six-Pack' Tummy you might like to have a look at:

Get Ready for Going to the Beach

And when you really want to get into you Holliday - or Travel Mood INSTANTLY!, you definitely want to have a look at the Highly Recommended Reading you want to take to the Beach and the Great 'Outfit' you can all find here on the left side of this Blog.


Wonderful Perfumes to Remember your Holliday

Now close your eyes and
remember your Holliday by Sent.....,

'Enjoy the Greek Cyclades,
The Tropical Caribian or Benghal India'

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