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High Energy Holliday's

On my Travels I alway's like some daily
Early Morning Jogging to keep in shape because I do think
it's important to maintain a High "Energy Level"
and to be energetic.

Jogging and
Feeling Energetic

'Jogging seems to have
a positive influence on my Engergy Level'

Especially when it's in nice surroundings or for example
on a Beach where you can see the upcomming Sun.

(I write about things like that a lot on
I even made - from Vacation Photo's - a 'Photo Slide Show Video' (with selfmade Music) Where you can see a few Stunning Photo's
of the Upcomming Sun to (hopefully) Inspire people
for Early Morning Jogging.)

Holliday Fun in the SUN
With Your MP3 Player

An other Energy Booser that I like on vacations
is listening to Music on an MP3 Player while laying in the Sun.

When you want to have a look at all different types of
MP3 Players they have on Amazon Make sure to simply Click to the Amazon 'Search MP3 Players'-Page to check it out!!!

Or simply Buy your MP3 Players by clicking on the Banner here below:

What Activities Do You Like the Most
On Your Vacations...?

'Please Feel Free to add your own list
of "Energy Level"-Boosters, by placing a comment'.

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You can Post your Feed Back by clicking 'Comments' here below.


An Interesting Alternative for a Short Break

'Frequently I have to remind myself
to take breaks once in a while and not just
keep on hammering on working and working....,'


Travel Tip: Have Something to be able to pass the time in your Hand Luggage.

As you can read in a
Home Business Online Forum Post I discovered that
it can be handy - when you have to wait very long for your luggage -
that it can be handy to have something in your Hand Luggage
to be able to pass the time.


Work & Play on the Beach for Travelpreneurs

Once in a while - especially when it's great Sunny weather - I go to the Beach with some reading material about Internet Marketing because as an 'International Seller'(see post Your Chance) I also am an Entrepreneur with a Home Business Lifestyle as you can read all about at: HP's Happy HOME BUSINESS

'Looks to me as a reasonable combination
of 'WORK & PLAY' and a possibility to get an idea of
the Home Business (Writers) Lifestyle'

This Is What You Want To Read
When Laying On the Beach

The 'Work & Play' idea is also something that you can read about
in a book titled: The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything Although "WORK" is actually something that I accidently (mis)used in my Title by mistake here! To discover more about a special definition for the word
"WORK" you definitely want to read This Book about Laziness. (It's an interesting nicely illustrated eye-opening book)

Sitting in the Sun reading some info about Home Business while having a nice (healthy) meal at a nice Beach Restaurant. Than after finishing my lunch throw my Beach Towel in the sand, putting little mountains of sand on each corner so that it doesn't get blown away by the wind, getting rid of my shirt and trowsers with only my Swimming Boxer Shorts on. (BTW on the left side of this Blog - you can find a complete 'Beach Outfit' if you want to Instantly get into your 'Holliday Mood') Simply lying on the beach soaking up the Sun while doing some more reading or listening to my Stereo Solar Radio with my Sunglasses on my head or for my eyes when reading. (BTW besides the 'Beach Outfit' you can also find the Sunglasses here on the left of this Blog)

Than now and than going for a swim nicely cooling down easily and relaxed floating arround accompanied by the Sun and a nice Blue Sky and seeing the Sun Chattered into a hundred little Suns reflecting on the small waves.

'Exactly as you can see on the 'Book Cover Photo'
of the little (e)book I wrote that you can pre-view for free at:
The VISION eBook FREE Preview

(BTW when you want to have a 'Six-Pack' Tummy to Look Good at the Beach
You might like to have a look at: the Getting Ready for Going to the Beach post at my
Healthy Lifestyle Blogspot)

Or like to have a look at for example Zumba at HP's Healthy Lifestyle to work a little on the abs.

Relaxed Floating arround or Moving arround like a fish while splashing the sunny sparkling water arround. Than afterwards dry in the sun while reading some info about Internet Marketing getting new ideas for my Online Home Business and when I am dry again 'Rinse and Repeat'


Learning Vacation Spanish on a Cruise

A few years ago I was on 'Lanzarote',
one of the Spanish Canary Islands...,

There I went on a Boat - just like a Mini Cruise
to visit one of the other Islands. Onboard where
almost only Spanish people, and although the tourleader
did also speak several other languages, some times I couldn't hear it
or didn't pay enough attention at the right time, and a lot of
what he told was in Spanish. Luckely I also understand
a little Spanish, otherwise I might have missed
that the departure time had changed.

      'Than I would have been at risk
      of missing te Boat!'

So you see sometimes it can be helpful to know a little Spanish.

If you need to 'Brush Up' on your Spanish, there is
a video taped presentation on DVD
that learns you 'All The Vacation Spanish You'll Ever Need',
you can check it out at Amazon in the link here below:


What is YOUR best TIP for items
to take with you on Vacation?

Ever wonderd what are items that people visiting this
Travel Lifestyle Blog actually really buy here online...?

'Any ideas?'

Is it the Sun Glasses? Sun Block?
the Great - Get into your Holliday Mood - Outfit?

(Like you can find here - scrolling down a little -
on the left side of this Blog.)

'No, guess again...,'

It's the product that
you see with a Banner-link here below:

And when you really want to get into you Holliday - or Travel Mood INSTANTLY!, you definitely want to have a look at the Highly Recommended Reading you want to take to the Beach and the Great 'Outfit' you can all find here on the left side of this Blog.

'So tell me what is your TIP for an item
you just have to take with you on Vacation?'


Wonderful Perfumes to Remember your Holliday
or as a Nice Suggestion for a Valentine's Gift!!!

Can your smell a Valentine's Gift?

'Can your Remember
your Holliday by Sent....?'

You can for example Choose the ones here below:

'Enjoy the Greek Cyclades,
The Tropical Caribian or Benghal India'
Go ahead and find out all about those Perfumes!

And when you just want to get into you Holliday - or Travel Mood INSTANTLY!, you definitely want to have a look at the Highly Recommended Reading you want to take to the Beach and the Great 'Outfit' you can all find here on the left side of this Blog.


Something you definitely want to include in your Packinglist

I found an interesting site that can help you Create your own Personal Packinglist, by simply answering a few little questions (just ticking a few boxes) you can easily create and print your own Packinglist almost instantly.

So I have put the link of this website at the left side of this Blog so that you can alway's find it easily here on this site, or else you can have a look at
it directly by clicking the The Universal Packinglist link.

'BTW isn't that one of the many great reasons
to list HP's Happy Blogspot as FAVORITE
that way always being able to easily find
your Packinglist that way....?'

(You can simply list it as
favorite by clicking on the
yello Post-it memo)

And while you are at it, you can also include
a handy little Tripod in your packinglist,
because if you are on vacation with your
Digital Camera Equipment to take
beautiful Photo's, you don't alway's
want to carry a heavy Tripod with you...,

and now you don't need to with this handy little Tripod that you
can use for your Canon PowerShot Moments,
you can find here below:

(for more Digital Camera ideas simply click: digitalcamera-ideas.blogspot.com)

(Also here on the left of this Blog - in General - you can find
several other interesting Travel Related products
you might want to include in your Packing List!)

And what about selecting one of the cool MP3 Players that you can find at
Amazon or simply click on the Banner link here below:


Saving on Airline Tickets!

Somehow while surfing on the web I accidently stumbled up on a Book that claims to help you save up to 75% on Airline Tickets. Personally I don't have any experience with this particular book, but it does sound interesting, So I thought that it would be worth mentioning on here on the TRAVEL Blogspot.

'It might directly put you
just as the BANNER you can find
here on the left of this Blog
- scrolling up a few screens - indicates!'

Here below you can find the Airline Tickets Book banner-link:

Feel free to give your comments, I love to hear comments from people who actually have experience with reading this book and from people that have enjoyed the tips they found in this book.
Welcome On Happy Travel

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